Training Services

Our training concept integrates proven methodologies meeting the needs of today’s learners

Developing professionals for tomorrow’s aviation industry, we provide a dynamic portfolio of training solutions in compliance with EASA, ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and recommended practices - all can be customised to your operational requirements.


Our initial Air Traffic Control (ATC) training portfolio offers Basic Training, ADI/ADV, APS, APP and ACS rating courses both in accordance with (EU) 2015/340 or ICAO compliant.

Instructor & Assessor Training

Available trainings for instructors and assessors include, OJTI, Assessor, STDI , OJTI Refresher and Assessor Refresher courses either in accordance with (EU) 2015/340 or ICAO compliant.

ATC Refresher Training

The objective of our ATC Refresher training programme is to support Air Navigation Service Providers to comply with (EU) 2015/340 and keep their ATCOs current.

AFIS Training

Training for Flight Information Services (FIS) comprises courses for Basic ATS, AFIS (radar and non-radar), AFIS refresher and Meteorological Weather Observer.

Specialised Training

Specialised training courses are intended for the personnel of ATM environments to keep abreast of regulatory changes and new approaches for a safe operation.

ATCO Selection Support

We offer a selection support service for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) looking to recruit ATCOs. Our service integrates the administration of EUROCONTROL FEAST with psychometric interviews to help you select your future ATCOs.