Student training is a large investment and student welfare is crucial for learning behaviour

Holistic Academy Design

The design of the learning environment at our Copenhagen Academy considers the health, safety and welfare of students. Our facilities include designated seating areas providing opportunities to relax from a demanding ATC training. Reviews of our environment ensure that we enable the learning skills of our course participants to transform in a positive direction.


Activity lounge

When our students need some energy, the activity lounge is the perfect place to be. Here, they can socialize with other students and transfer their learning experience over a game of table football.

Student welfare Assistant

All students at GATE Aviation Training have a direct contact point in form of our “Welfare Assistant” who is a first point of contact for day to day enquiries, support, guidance, information and impartial advice.



Copenhagen has been voted among the most livable cities on this planet. It provides a large variety of student accommodation and opportunities to re-energise.

CabInn Apartments

Cabinn Apartments is the perfect choice for a student’s social life outside a demanding “ATC Training environment” and is an ideal housing opportunity for students from abroad.


getting around in Copenhagen

The public transport infrastructure of Copenhagen is among the most efficient and reliable in the world. It enables students to commute comfortably to the GATE Aviation Training Academy at Copenhagen Airport and to get around Copenhagen to see some of the various attractions.