Our training concept integrates proven methodologies meeting the needs of today’s learners

Who should attend the course?

The objective of our ATCO Selection Support programme is to assist Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in their selection process of future Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs).

Service summary

GATE Aviation Training (GATE) has designed and delivered modern, forward looking services to assist ANSPs in their selection of ATCOs.

Today’s recruitment tools are based on attributes for ATCOs that originated in the past century. Considering an ever-changing world and technological advancements in the ATM industry, it is as much important to consider learning aptitudes of new generations with different learning behaviours, teamwork abilities and leadership skills.

High costs for the initial training put pressure on the selection process. Selection is not only about study readiness of candidates, it is also a process to find future employees who fit into the organisational structure and culture of the ANSPs.

GATE has developed a modular concept that can be customised towards the ANSPs requirements. Support can range from the pre-selection stage, administering EUROCONTROL FEAST or conducting psychometric interviews including modules to test teamwork ability or leadership skills.

GATE has a mobile solution including 25 laptops to assist ANSPs within their chosen facilities – please call to discuss options.

GATE Aviation Training academy is certified by the Danish Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340.

Possible Service Elements

  • Pre-Selection tool
  • Administration of EUROCONTROL FEAST
  • Psychometric interviews to support selection panels
  • Modules for teamwork ability
  • Modules for leadership abilities