Challenging and advancing training solutions - that’s what we at GATE Aviation Training are all about

We put ourselves to the test day in, day out. Whether you are looking for Air Traffic Control Training or Air Traffic Services Training, GATE Aviation Training’s mission is to deliver the best training in the industry.

Aviation capacity challenges and an ever-changing aviation industry require adequate training solutions. With our innovative training products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of aviation industry.
Our goal is to create value for our customers and employees. We are committed to operating sustainable and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities.


Our Academy is certified in accordance to European Commission Regulation 2015/340 by the Danish Civil Aviation Authority. Based at Copenhagen Airport 300 meters from the Arrival hall, we are providing a “hands-on” training environment based on research for positive learning behaviours.

Our training solutions are based on a proven training philosophy and methodology which is widely recognised all over the globe.

Our students benefit from the academy’s direct access to Copenhagen’s public transport infrastructure, which is considered among the most efficient and reliable in the world.

Founders Story

The background of the founders goes back to 1993 respectively 1995, where we completed our training as Air Traffic Controllers in Denmark. Since then, technology has developed rapidly, human learning methods have improved and research on human behaviour has become a science. However, the culture around ATC, ATS and ATM education and training has not developed to the same extent as research and its possibilities allows.

A field study around ATC, ATS and ATM education and training identifies opportunities to improve today’s aviation training. As founders we decided to challenge the educational culture in form of training methods, learning adaptability and quality when establishing GATE Aviation Training.

Better education starts at GATE Aviation Training

GATE Aviation Training is devoted to excellence within training. When we design our courses, teaching and learning standards, we place the participant at the centre of the training to achieve the highest quality training for the individual.

At GATE Aviation Training the participant will be met by a relation-build-training-concept meaning that she or he will meet our instructors on an equal level, enabling the transformation to high educational knowledge, personal development and focused state of mind. 

Empowering personal development through customised training provides the participant with a lifetime learning experience. An experience that can inspire positively and contribute constructively to any local Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP).

An ever-changing industry requires a flexible training provider! At GATE Aviation Training we will be more than pleased to offer you a future flexible training concept!

Yours sincerely,
Dirch Jans
CEO and Co-owner


Simulation is an important part of an ATM training solution. Over 50 years of research in the aviation industry has shown that superior cognitive and technical skills are not enough. To ensure safety, a realistic, user friendly simulation environment with the ability to learn effective teamwork is a must.

GATE Aviation Training’s simulator environment is built on a proven learning concept with the newest technology, delivered by the Norwegian Company Edda Systems AS.

Providing an outstanding customer focused learning environment, Edda Systems’ multi-purpose ATC/ATS simulator can be customised to any training area within the ATM system and can adapt to almost any customer requirements e.g. number of working positions, pseudo pilot positions, scenery, traffic intensity, geography etc.

GATE Aviation Training can deliver training on real-life airspace, for an aerodrome and complex Military environments.

Simulator Environment


2D Radar Simulator

Radar simulators provide a 2D visualization of the airspace environment for APS and ACS Rating Training as well as Flight Information Service Training.

The technologies provide scalable solutions that can create customized set-ups and deliver customer focused working environments.


3D Tower Simulator 360°

Our tower simulators provide 3D visualisation of the environment on and around an airport, ideal for ATC/ATS training.

With its highly advanced display performance of aircraft and vehicles, the environment is capable of simulating complex as well as high volume traffic scenarios for any training stage or requirement.

Our 360-degree simulator includes up to three working positions and is used for e.g. refresher-, conversion-, or high capacity training.

GATE Aviation Training also offers full ANSP simulation: Tower, Approach and Area simulation can be run in one large exercise.


Simulator Pilot Positions (Pseudo pilots)

The simulator pilot positions are easy to use, navigate and handle. This is a benefit for professional simulator pilots. Also, GATE Aviation Training provides an opportunity for our students to pilot aircraft in some of the exercises to learn phraseology whilst their fellow students are in the simulator.